ULAX Liberty Cup 2013

Highlights from the 5th Annual Liberty Cup Tournament hosted by ULAX at Columbia University's Baker Athletic complex in New York City.

University Lacrosse LLC (ULAX) devlops men's and women's lacrosse leagues across the United States. In 2013 they held their 5th annual Liberty Cup Tournament in New York City, and to promote it I was asked to film and photograph the tournament and produce a highlight reel to be shown online. Through a mix of game footage, location footage, and motion graphics I created this video which chronicles the two-day event, highlighting key events and the ultimate winners of the Liberty Cup. This project was a 2013 Horizon Interactive Awards Silver Winner for Video - Motion Graphics / Effects.
The two-day tournament was shot on a Canon 60D using the Canon EF 200mm ƒ2.8, Canon EF-S 60mm ƒ2.8, and Canon TS-E 45mm ƒ2.8. All footage was recorded in 720p at 60fps and then interpreted to 24fps in Adobe After Effects to allow for sequences played at 0.4x real time without the need for frame blending. The opening seqence was created in Cinema 4D and composited in After Effects - the rest of the graphics and effects were done entirely in After Effects. Since the footage was almost all shot handheld, I had to do a lot of stabilization in AE using the Warp Stabilizer effect. After all my shots were stabilized and pre-comped, I created the titling graphics and composited them into the scenes using motion tracking and rotoscoping to complete the illusion of the graphics being in the shot. I then used the time remapping feature in After Effects to glitch through time and alternate between slow-motion and real-time. Glitch effects and lens effects were the finishing touch.
Music: Time is Collapsing  by Breathtaking Beats
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